The Lurking Minicart styling can be customised through some simple settings. Here’s what the styling settings screen looks like:

Lurking Minicart for WooCommerce styling settings
Lurking Minicart for WooCommerce styling settings

Mobile breakpoint in pixels

The maximim width in pixels for responsive CSS, beyond which the desktop CSS kicks in. The default setting for this is 500 pixels, but you can set this to something else depending on what your theme does.

Offset from top

The offset from the top of the page for the left side and right side edge minicarts. You can specify different offsets for mobile and desktop sites, based on the mobile breakpoint above.

Menu height

The height of an item in a the menu when adding a minicart to the menu.

Button classes

If your theme needs additional classes for buttons, add them here.


The various elements of the minicart have some rather tame default colours set, and some elements inherit styling from your theme. You can change specific element colours using a colour picker, or typing in the hex code for the colour. Alpha channel transparency is supported, so for example you can make the minicart border semitransparent.

Colour picker with alpha channel support.
Colour picker with alpha channel support